About Beach Teach

Me: I am a 26 year old life lover. I tend to find the humor in everything, even when it's inappropriate. I am completely lost many days and I am 100% okay with it! Aren't all 26 year olds just trying to find their place in the working "adult" world?

Where I live now: Southeastern, NC! My apartment is a glorious 5 minutes from the ocean. :) I know, I'm spoiled!

This is my happy place.

My Hometown: Cheverly, MD. The best town ever, located right outside of Washington, DC!

My professional life: This year, I will be starting my fifth year in my school. How did that happen!? My first two years, I taught 5th grade Math and Science. Then, I made the switch to teaching one class of 5th grade Reading, one class of 5th grade gifted Reading, and two classes of Science. There is no place I'd rather be than at school with all of the crazies!

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