Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2015 Currently

AUGUST?! When did August sneak up on us!? The countdown for school has begun! T-16 days for teacher workdays and T-23 days for students to start. Minor panic attack happening now!

Instead of preparing, I'm going to participate in Farley's August Currently!

Listening: Is there any show better than Gilmore Girls? I love watching this show over and over again.

Loving: Back to School Sale! On August 3rd and 4th use the code BTS15 and save up to 28%! My cart has 4 items in it right now waiting for tomorrow to be purchased! 

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Thinking: I got back from my trip to Maryland/Delaware yesterday and made my list of things to do before school starts. I only had 20 things on it. TWENTY! I'm ready to get to school this week in order to cross some things off of the list.
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Does this list make sense to anyone else?

Wanting: COFFEE. I need coffee! Someone bring me coffee!

Needing: Someone send me some motivation please! I might be heading to the beach instead :)Image result for workout meme

B2SRAK: Sometimes all others need is a smile. I can't wait to be back with my teacher friends!

Coming soon to the blog: A peek in my classroom. Stay tuned!