Sunday, April 26, 2015

Preparing for a Substitute

Teachers are the worst about calling out sick. You will see a teacher at school half-dead before he/she forces him/herself to write out sub plans to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, we can't be in the classroom everyday. Teachers are sent to (or volunteer to go to) professional development, conferences, and meetings. This year, I've been out of the classroom a total of 5 days (2 days at a conference, 1 day at a district PD, and 1 day taking 6 of my lovelies to the county science fair).

Tomorrow, I am forced to add a half day to that list to attend a PD (on what, I'm honestly not sure). Luckily, tomorrow I have a substitute that my students love, that I love, and that is around our school constantly so she knows the routines. However, like most teachers, I'm a bit crazy when it comes to sub-plans. I leave way too much work and the most specific details you can imagine!

It has taken me a while to perfect my sub-plan format. I tried the cute binders (but I'm not organized enough for that) and I tried just listing our schedule and activities (and quickly realized that I had a sub who had no clue about our routines).

Then I created the format I have now. One day, we were short a substitute and our Parent Facilitator had to take over for a little bit. Her response to my plans? "I was so worried! But then I saw your lesson plans for dummies and I felt okay!" Almost every time I have a sub now, I get a note about how detailed my plans are.

The great thing is, they're nothing fancy! At the beginning of the year, I type in our schedule and just fill in the blanks as I go.


Remember when I said they are NOTHING fancy?

Save yourself the stress and hassle and make the rough outline now, so that when you need it, you don't have to think as hard!

Hopefully this will make your life and your substitute's life a little bit easier. :)