Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello?! Anyone Listening?

This poor, poor deserted blog! Between a crazy second half of the year last year, a summer spent recovering and working, and a brand new school year taking on a new subject area AND grad school this blog has found itself neglected. Things have finally settled (well as much as they ever will) and I am promising to get back to my love of writing and sharing! I hope that you lovely blog followers haven't completely forgotten about me. :)

I have switched over to Reading this year and I absolutely LOVE it! I've also taken on one section of gifted Reading. Whew those kids are giving me a run for my money! The challenge of switching from Math to Reading has kept me on my toes and given me new perspective of 5th grade.

I am keeping today's post short but look forward to posts about our Vocabuloween, Memoir Writing Projects, pre-testing and post-testing in Science and Language, and hopefully many more stories!