Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My First Professional Development!

Very, very exciting news! I just led my first ever professional development at our county PD Day! Back in November, my AP and Curriculum Specialist approached me and the other 5th grade Math/Science teacher about possibly presenting Math Workshop/Guided Math, first to our staff and then to the county. Of course, we said yes!

Trial Run
Right before Winter Break, we presented a trial run, abbreviated version (20 minutes) to our staff. Really, we just presented an overview of what we do, why we do it, and answered questions. I created a cheat sheet to help guide us and for everyone to take with them. Click on the image to download for FREE from my TPT account. 

The Big Day!
Whew! Four 90 minute sessions is no joke! At least we got to enjoy adult lunch. :) 

We used a PowerPoint to guide our discussion with activities thrown in. We had such great feedback. After our first session, teachers were telling their colleagues to come to our session so people were just randomly showing up. I loved it! It was nice to be around a different group of teachers and to hear what is going on in other schools. Our county is all over the place. Some schools use small group instruction in reading and some teachers were told they are not allowed to use small group centers (huh?). 

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Pros/Cons of Whole Group Instruction
Teachers were e-mailing their principals asking for permission to come observe our math classes in action! How cool is that?! A lot of times we leave PD sessions annoyed and tired. It was great to see people (except the 2 party poopers) leaving re-energized and excited about teaching. 

Anywho, that's enough bragging on myself for today. Off to finish report card grades!

PS Loved this quote hung in the high school today: 
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