Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Day in The Life

SNOW DAYYYY! Our second day off in a row has given me lots of time to blog. :)

I have loved taking a glimpse at everyone's schedule recently. It's so interesting to see how different our schedules can look, even within the same state. I've decided to join in on the fun that Aimey at Where The Wild Things Learn is hosting!

Morning Procedures: Students enter the room, unpack, mark their lunch choice with a tally mark on the board, and read a book. The morning announcements also start.

Enhancement: Our students rotate through PE, Art, Media, Music, and Exploration Stations. During Exploration Stations, all of our enhancement teachers get together with all of 5th grade and they complete fun, collaborative projects. This is my planning most days. Wednesdays we have our PLC meetings during this time. 

Math Blocks 1 and 2: I teach 2 Math blocks and 2 Science blocks while another teacher teaches 2 Reading and 2 Social Studies. For Math, I use Math Workshop (obviously, if you've read my blog AT ALL recently). For more on my math blocks see Math Workshop Structure.

Lunch/Recess: I love lunch and recess! We rotate lunch duty which we share with a TA. Every 4 weeks, I have lunch duty instead of recess duty. The other weeks, I have recess duty. 

Science: I teach my Homeroom Class Science for 4 1/2 weeks. Then, we switch and they go to Social Studies while I teach the other HR Science. 

Pack-up: Students return from Science/Social Studies and pack up. When they finish packing, they open their agendas on their desks for me to sign. After I sign, they can use the restroom and eat their snack. As all of this chaos is going on, I put on CNN Student News. The kids LOVE it! It's a nice time for us to take a break before our last hour. 

Intervention and Enrichment: This is a crazy time of day. Some students are pulled for extra Reading instruction. I pull 2 groups (one on Monday/Wednesdays  and one on Tuesdays/Thursdays) for extra Math. Some students participate in school clubs (Battle of the Books/Science Olympiad). And then there are the left overs. For a while, we were doing book clubs during this time. Until the students grew tired. Now, our students do Mastery Club by Mrs. Renz. It's FANTASTIC! On Fridays, we present. 

3:45 PEACE OUT STUDENTS! Once every 4 weeks, I have car rider duty. If I don't have car duty, we walk our students to the buses and hope that there are no problems so they pull away fast!


  1. Thanks for sharing your schedule! I really love this linky party---it is so interesting to see everyone's schedule. Plus it gives me tons of ideas!!

    Thanks....and I hope you enjoyed your second snow day!

    Mind Sparks

    1. I agree! I love seeing how different everyone's schedule is. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I want a snow day...actually, I would like a rain day because it's been "cold" and rainy here the last two days and I don't want to leave my house :(

    1. Since I have all of the power in the world, I am claiming a state of emergency for Florida. School is cancelled! Now you can eat all of the food in your house like I did for the past 4 days! :)