Saturday, September 14, 2013

Organization Crisis

We've made it through week 3 here in North Carolina! It's been an interesting few weeks that is for sure!

As all teachers do, I found myself at school this summer setting my room up so that it was just the way I wanted! Well, what I thought was the way I wanted. 

On Thursday, I found myself in the middle of a classroom organization crisis! I couldn't handle anything anymore! I had gotten rid of my teacher desk because it was HUGE and was missing the storage. I have started using Math Workshop to teach math and felt like my room just wasn't set up for it! I was OVER IT!

Here is a glimpse at my classroom at the beginning of the week:

Walking in the door.

My front table - students turn in papers here!

My back corner, 2 bookshelves overflowing with books! The blank board is filled with pushpins for students to hang up their own work.

Let's be real here, this is ridiculous!

 Enter crisis here:

I went to Walmart and The Dollar Tree to stock up on all types of plastic.
It was meant to be! On sale for $6!

I'm not quite through the chaos of reorganizing, but here are some pictures of what is going on right now. 
The new front! Look how much more room we have to line up! I need to redo my bulletin boards, but that will be Monday morning's task. 

Back corner - much better!
And those fabulous purple drawers? One for each table!
Each is labeled with their table numbers - look at the clear table tops!
Here's what they are filled with:
Top Drawer: 

Middle Drawer: 
We do Spiral Review at the beginning of each math class. They get torn to pieces if the children keep them, so here they are safe and sound!
Each class' books get kept together.
Next week, drawer 3 will have rulers, calculators, and anything else I can think of. 

I'll keep you updated on my progress. What tips do you have for me?! 

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  1. I love that one of these labels is MESS for this post. You are a girl after my own heart with this organization. Good luck, Lizzie Tish!