Monday, September 2, 2013

Math Workshop!

I am super excited to use math workshop this year! I've read so many blog posts on it and heard you all talk about it, so now I'm putting it into action. I wanted a little extra guidance as I was thinking about my year, so I bought the book:

This was great! I could finally get a picture of what I was planning on doing. Now, we all know that plans almost never work out exactly as we wanted. So here is my flexible plan of what I am going to do:

My groups will be created based on pretests and Moby Max (which is fantastic). 
1. High
2. Medium
3. Low


1. With me: Working in small group with me either on enrichment, intervention, or grade level.

2. Independent/Partner Work: On the topic of the day - we've purchased some fantastic tasks from TPT!

3. Choice: Okay, here's were it seems a little tricky. Students have 3-5 tasks that they MUST DO by Friday. Once those tasks are complete, they have tasks that they MAY DO.
For example: 
MUST DO: Journal Entry, Moby Math for 20 minutes, Task Cards, Vocabulary work.
MAY DO: Multiplication War, Flashcards, Extra time on Moby (once the whole group has been on), and other math games. 


We are so incredibly lucky this year to have 80 minutes for our math blocks! I don't even know what to do with all of that time! 

10 minutes - check homework (~ 5 problems), mini-lesson
20 minutes - Rotation 1
20 minutes - Rotation 2
20 minutes - Rotation 3
10 minutes - whole group discussion/check over independent work


Last week, for the 1st week of school, we practiced with different games. We went through expectations of playing games and working independently. This week, we will go over each station's expectations and then start rotating hopefully!

What suggestions do you have for me?! I'm DYING to hear how it works in other classrooms, especially the upper grades. Any hints you have are welcomed!!


  1. I wish I had 80 min. for math! I'm so jealous. I'm trying Math Workshop out this year (tomorrow will be our first day.) Each day my kiddos will have a must do and a may do. I'm looking forward to trying it with my group.

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    1. I know! We are so lucky that it worked out this year. Good luck with Math Workshop, keep me updated on how it goes.