Sunday, June 9, 2013

Surviving without a SmartBoard

As I browse through various blogs, I am often jealous of those of you with extensive technology. I see student laptops, iPads, SmartBoards, and other technological advances. However, after a year without a SmartBoard, I've discovered some tricks and tips to survive without one.

1. Project the image on your white board. Doing this allows you to write on your image just like you would on the whiteboard! I rarely pull down that screen to show anything anymore.

2. Get a wireless mouse. With a wireless mouse, you can involve students in the activities just as you would with a SmartBoard. You don't get the benefit of students up and moving, BUT you don't get the negative of students up and moving. They're not too expensive, around $20 for a cheap one.

3. Download the software anyways. Even if you don't have a SmartBoard to click on, don't let all of those free resources go to waste! Smart Exchange is an incredible source of classroom activities. As long as you have either Smart Notebook or Smart Viewer on your computer, you can download and create your files.

Smart Software                            SmartExchange (free lesson resources)

With the movement towards small group learning, a SmartBoard is becoming less and less necessary. However, occasionally a whole group activity is called for and these tips and tricks are easy to implement.

Any other tips for low-tech teaching?


  1. These are some great tips! I do them in my classroom {without a smartboard!}
    Don't forget, you'll be featured on my blog tomorrow!!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  2. Thank you so much! It looks awesome. :)