Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: My Favorite Pins

I'm joining up with Jivey for the first time for her Workshop Wednesday! We all know I'm a pinning fanatic, so I'm extremely excited to share some of my most recent pins. I can't wait to put some to use next year. 

Classroom Set-up: I want to use this quote in some way, any way possible next year. 

Science: I can't wait to do this experiment next year. I love that the class used different types of milk to observe. If all goes as planned,each of my table groups will start with whole milk and we'll all observe it the same. Then we'll do a second round with different types of milk. 

Math: I love this visual. This was such a difficult concept for my skeptical students to grasp. Up until this year, they've been taught a square is a square, a rectangle is a rectangle, and a parallelogram is a parallelogram. They had quite a few debates among themselves on this topic. It was so cool to watch. Next year, I think at the end of our discussion(s), I'll introduce this visual. 

For Funsies: I want to be this guy's friend!

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