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It's that time of year! Our kids are going crazy and it seems to be nearly impossible to keep the students engaged. Between EOG review (blech) and 5th graderitis (Senioritis for 5th graders) my room has been crazy to say the least.

To keep everyone on their toes, and regain some type of control, we've started playing "Hot Seat." Before our day starts, I put sticky notes on the bottom of random students' desks (their chair would make more sense for seat but, we stack our chairs on our desks so students would see who has the sticky note right away). On the sticky notes are math problems or science questions. Whenever they seem to be getting antsy, I yell "HOT SEAT." The students all look under their seats. The ones with sticky notes have 3 minutes to solve the problem. They may use their notes, textbooks, and ONE other student in the class to help them answer. I have them use an index card to show their work and write their final answer on it.

If they get the question right, they get a signature on their signature reward card (20 signatures = their choice of incentive). So far, they have been super excited!

How do you Calm the Chaos?? Leave me a comment.

Here is the template I use to print the problems on sticky notes:
Another freebie! Two of my math vocabulary games I've had my students play throughout the year.

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