Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Desperate Need of Motivation

This week was just one of THOSE weeks. The type of week when you wish that it was Friday, on Monday. The type of week where your schedule is normal once, on Friday - which means it's not normal anyway. The type of week where you're genuinely surprised you made it to Friday.

That being said, I am going to need some serious motivation over the weekend if I am going to have a fresh start on Monday. The worst part is, it's cold and rainy all weekend so no beach for me :( Here are a few of my favorite motivations:

This is one of my favorites, it has been around of quite a while. Every time I listen to Taylor Mali's spoken word I smile because it is all so true. (This is a cleaned up version)

A Pep Talk from Kid President. Some of my favorite lines:
"If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team?"
"What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there!"
"It is everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance."

And finally, there's nothing like a bit of Ryan Gosling motivation. Thanks Ryan for your help :)

WAIT A SECOND, I just found a Justin Timberlake one? The Pinterest gods love me:

Check out the 27 pins to this board for some extra motivation.

Anyone else have one of those weeks? What are you doing to refresh over the weekend?

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